How to make an Espresso Martini

espresso martini

OK, so with New Years Eve rapidly approaching I decided it was time to write another cocktail post – the second in my series ‘cocktails that a discerning gentleman should be able to make.’ Obviously as it’s only the second cocktail themed post it hardly constitutes a series just yet but bear with me!

I believe that any guy who aspires to sophistication or even just give a girl the impression that he is a step or two above the regular knuckle-draggers, needs to have a small repertoire of cocktails that he can make competently when the occasion arises. When said girl is sitting expectantly on his sofa, for example.

This little beauty was invented back in the 1980s by British cocktail guru Dick Bradsell. Like a few cocktails, this one has a good story attached.

The tale goes that a certain supermodel went into the Soho Brasserie where DB was working. When he asks her what she would like to drink she replies: “make me something which will wake me up, then fuck me up!” Like all the best stories, there is some dispute about the details, in this case who the model in question was but let’s not let that detain us. This is a kick-ass drink. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether Dick Bradsell successfully fulfilled his client’s brief.

Here is what you will need:
Double measure of vodka (50ml)
Single measure of Kahlua or equivalent coffee liqueur (25ml)
A good half measure of sugar syrup (15ml) or a heaped teaspoon of sugar (preferably brown but white will do)
A coffee machine which can produce a single shot of espresso
Cubed ice
A cocktail shaker
A martini or coupe glass.
Coffee beans to garnish (optional)

Here’s what you do:
Put a fistful of ice into your shaker. Measure out and pour in your vodka, Kahlua and sugar syrup. Brew your shot of espresso and tip that straight in – yes, hot from the machine – no need to let it cool.

Shake the hell out of it for not less than 15 seconds. It needs that long to chill it right down and produce the foamy head on the drink. Immediately strain the drink carefully into your waiting glass.

If you’ve done it right the drink will be a rich ebony in colour with a thick, foamy head on it – a bit like a well poured Guinness.

Garnish with three coffee beans. I usually maintain that the garnish of a cocktail is integral to the overall experience of the drink but in this case it looks so great anyway that you could get away without the beans. If you have some – use them though.


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