So Sorry!


It’s been a while..

Sorry that there has been a wall of radio silence for a few weeks (more like 3 months).

We have a good excuse, honest!

The day job has been quite the demanding monster for me and some other interests that I have apart from updating this fabulous organ have eaten up a good deal of time as well.

Jaimie has been (quite rightly) focussed on the final push for her degree which is now completed. She has been taking some well earned time off visiting relatives and generally sunning herself before joining the rest of us in the ‘wonderful’ world of full time work.

The good news is that we have some great content coming up.

I will be completing my series on the pleasures of watch owning for chaps with some more recommendations for you to try out. For lovers of controversy I have a couple of pieces which I am working on which should fulfil your desire for more ‘tell it like it is’ writing. It’s time to get the gloves off folks.

Jaimie has been working on a series about one of the great challenges for modern man – buying gifts for women. Seriously, how many of us are confident buyers of presents for the women in our lives? It’s a minefield and who better to give us the guidance that may well save our miserable skins than our own spy in the camp.

The sap also appears to be rising in the supernaturally good weather that we have been enjoying in the UK over the last couple of months. Jaimie tells me that whilst lazing around on sun-loungers (in high quality bikinis so I’m told) whilst quaffing her own bodyweight in prosecco she hit upon an idea for a series of articles about the art of seduction from a woman’s perspective. Jaimie’s piece about internet dating told you how to use the plethora of modern online dating resources to land a catch. This will take it to the next level. This is going to be essential reading.

See you shortly guys!




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